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Course content is very basic and qualifications from this entity are not well regarded in the industry. I have found the administration and student services to be close to incompetent from randomly did-enrolling you, changing your electives without notice, and failing to send parchments and the actual degree out to you. Australian Institute of Business. IE I should have attended graduation over 1 month ago and they inform me they have mailed out the parchment but Australia Post indicates it was incorrectly addressed and there is nothing that can be done. Buy AIB diploma, buy AIB certificate, buy fake diploma online. buy fake diploma

Whilst the course was challenging it was also enjoyable, in a time-poor work environment the challenge was to remain focused and stay on track. The course content was expansive, however, the library services were excellent and provided everything you needed to complete the assignments. AIB diploma The tutors were very understanding and helpful throughout my course.

I completed my MBA in last March (2021), after a little less than two years. It took me a few weeks to get adjusted to the rhythm and format but I am very happy with my choice and everything provided by AIB. I would not have been able to attend “in-person” courses. Also, I usually end up being the one working the hardest on homework and assignment so I was somewhat happy that we did not have “team assignments”.

I am happy with the structure of the courses as well as the assignments. They are not easy but it is what I expect from a course like this.

When you ask the question: “Is there something that can be improved” – the answer is always yes. As far as I am concerned, this is a very high-end course, very well put together and supported by online tools, professors and online facilitators.