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Where to buy Covenant Theological Seminary diploma?

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My seminary story is likely to be different from most, as my Covenant Seminary journey has taken nearly 20 years. Let me explain.

I graduated from Illinois State University with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 1979. I started working at a Fortune 500 company in May 1980, six days before I married Tammy. Since then, I have worked in a variety of leadership positions in my organization, currently working as a Manager in their IT department. fake diploma.

I was raised Roman Catholic and attended Mass faithfully, but there was no change in my life. God called me to Him in 1982, ironically at a Roman Catholic weekend event. As a relatively new believer, from 1989-1994 I attended Illinois Missionary Baptist Institute or IMBI (now Illinois Baptist College), a very small bible college in Washington, Illinois. I attended one evening course each semester for those years, accumulating 18 credits. It was never my intent to obtain a degree. As I mentioned, I was a relatively new believer and I just wanted to grow in my knowledge of the Lord, the Bible, and theology.

The offerings at IMBI were very limited and I wasn’t excited about the offerings for the spring 1995 semester. In God’s Providence, I received a mailing inviting us to visit Willowbeech Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Normal. What interested me was that Willowbeech (now known as Christ Church) was going to be offering extension courses from Covenant Theological Seminary. We were looking for a new church home at the same time, so we decided to visit for the Sunday worship service. We have been at Christ Church ever since that time, and I was ordained as an elder in March 1996. buy Covenant Theological Seminary diploma, buy Covenant Theological Seminary degree, make Covenant Theological Seminary diploma, order Covenant Theological Seminary certificate.

At Christ Church, I have served as the Session of the Clerk, served for several years on a presbytery committee, led our Session to begin thinking about developing our mission and vision, taught adult Sunday School Classes, led K (Koinonia) Groups that discuss the weekly sermon, pray for each other, etc., coordinated multiple conferences and concerts at the church, as well as the 15th and 20th-anniversary celebrations for our lead pastor, and served as editor for Coram Deo, a church newsletter for more than fifteen years that had a mission of looking at contemporary culture from a distinctly Christian worldview.

My Covenant Seminary Experience

My first four Covenant Seminary courses were extension courses at Christ Church, moderated by Pastor Bob Smart, who continues to serve as Lead Pastor today. We watched the lectures on video cassette tapes. Pastor Smart facilitated class discussion and the exams were taken at the church. As she had at IMBI, my wife Tammy attended some of the Covenant classes at Christ Church, as did a ruling elder from a church in Peoria and two local pastors.

Those initial classes were a great experience. The first two were church history courses taught by Dr. Calhoun. I was able to meet Dr. Calhoun when he spoke at our Missions Conference not long after I took his classes. I tend to enjoy history but didn’t know much about church history in particular, and I was fascinated by what I learned and by the wonderful man who taught the classes. That began a passion for church history that continues to this day through the reading of biographies of the martyrs and people like Calvin, Luther, Edwards, Spurgeon, and Whitfield. I chose the project (artwork depicting church history) from the second class as one of my revisits for my closing Capstone Portfolio project.

My next class was Apologetics and Outreach, then a four-hour class, taught by Jerram Barrs. This was a challenging course, as the workload was heavy, with a lot of reading. This course challenged me to look at contemporary culture from a distinctly Christian worldview. I utilized what I had learned from Dr. Barrs in editing Coram Deo, the newsletter Tammy and I wrote and produced from September 1998 through the end of 2013 when we transitioned from a church specific newsletter to a more encompassing blog – Coram Deo the Blog

It was during this course that I was ordained as an elder. My mother, who I was very close to, was in attendance during the ordination service in March. Little did I know that we would lose her just four months later at age 60 when she didn’t survive a heart bypass operation. I was devastated, and although it was difficult, I tried to move forward. My next class was Biblical Theology, again held at the church. I tried to concentrate, but couldn’t. I remember leaving the room in tears with Pastor Smart coming out to comfort me. I decided to change from taking the course for credit to auditing the course. Then, at age 40, I made the decision to stop taking seminary courses.