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What is UTS famous for?

In QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021, UTS is among the world’s top institutions in 26 of 51 subjects including nursing, art and design, sports, library and information management, law, accounting and finance, business, communication, computer science, education, architecture, civil engineering, economics, …

How hard is it to get into UTS?

University of Toronto Schools (UTS) has a rigorous two-stage admissions process for students entering Grade 7. 98% of students entering UTS will do so into Grade 7. Admission to other grades is based on space available.

Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS) is a software product and custom software development company. It is a privately held US Corporation, established in 1984 and is headquartered in Loves Park, Illinois. UTS is part of a family of companies, including Universal Technical Systems (Europe) Ltd, based in the UK, and Universal Technical Systems (India) based in Pune and Gurgaon in India.

TK Solver was originally developed and marketed by Software Arts, Inc., the legendary inventors of VisiCalc, the first ever electronic spreadsheet. This company was then acquired by Lotus which in turn sold TK Solver to UTS in 1985.

UTS quickly became the leading supplier of high-productivity problem-solving software solutions to engineers, scientists, financial analysts, and other professionals in quantitative fields. TK users, old hands and new ones, find the current TK Solver for Windows (Release 6.0) to be an equation solving and mathematical modeling product that they simply love for its unprecedented power and ease of use.

UTS responds to new challenges by strengthening its TK application development and consulting services. This includes special emphasis on integrating TK Solver with other software products and in the computerization of corporate design manuals and product selectors.

Many Excel application developer use Excel as a dashboard and set up their engineering and mathematically oriented calculations in TK Solver. This gives them significant saving in initial development time and makes maintenance of such applications much easier during the life cycle.