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Where to buy CIMA certificate? buy CIMA certificate online, how can I order CIMA certificate? where to order CIMA certificate, buy fake certificate online, how can I buy CMIA certificate? CIMA® is the most distinctive validation of advanced knowledge in the super-specialized areas of investment and management accounting. A truly gilt-edged global qualification, the CIMA® charter equips professionals with a proven readiness for generating critical financial intelligence that organizations require to monitor, manage and grow their businesses, investment assets and portfolios.

The standard CIMA® program is composed of two levels. Level 1 is dedicated to foundational aspects of Investment & Management Accounting. Level 2 is focused on application, practical and decision-making aspects of investment & management accounting. Candidates first register for CIMA® Level 1 and after passing the Level 1 exam, they register for and pay fee for CIMA® Level 2 exam. CIMA Canda, CIMA fees, CIMA University, CIMA certificate, CIMA fake certificate, what is CIMA certificate? how to I get a CIMA certificate? how long does the CIMA certificate take?

The Level 1 covers 10 knowledge areas essentially dealing with basics of business, strategy and economics as well as covering building blocks of investment & management accounting across themes like risks, costs, financial markets, financial asset pricing, capital budgeting and performance analysis. Level 2 covers 10 areas cutting across advanced aspects of investment accounting, financial reporting, currency exposure management; transfer pricing; global taxation and technology applications in investment & management accounting.

The CIMA® Professional Pathway program requires candidates to study only 13 of the 20 standard modules and qualify only one, unified Pathway exam. The Professional Pathway program is designed to carefully exclude the 7 areas that certified accounting professionals have knowledge in already, and at the same time have enough exposure to be able to prepare for the other 13 areas more conveniently.

CIMA® exams are online and on-demand and can be taken anywhere. They can be scheduled right from the my CIMA candidate dashboard anytime 90 days after the confirmation of registration in the CIMA® program. In some locations, offline center-based pen & paper exams are also conducted twice a year. Candidates from such locations will get detailed information on their myCIMA dashboards.