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Emporia State University (Emporia State or ESU) is a public university in Emporia, Kansas, USA. Emporia State University was established in March 1863, formerly known as Kansas State Normal School, and is the third oldest public university in Kansas. Emporia State University is one of six public universities managed by the Kansas State Board of Trustees.

The university offers degrees in more than 80 courses through four colleges and colleges: the School of Business, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Library and Information Management, and the Teachers College.

Emporia State University’s men’s intercollegiate sports team is called the Hornets, and the women’s team is called the Ladies Hornets. Emporia State competes in NCAA Division II competitions and has been a member of the Inter-University Athletics Association of Central America (MIAA) since 1991. Since joining the NCAA Division II in 1991, the Lady Hornets basketball team is the only one to win the NCAA championship.

The origins of this university can be traced back to 1861, when Kansas became a state. A state university under the Constitution of Kansas, and a local university from 1861 to 1863 will be located-the question of Lawrence, Manhattan or Emporia-has been debated. In February 1863, under the authorization of the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862, Manhattan was selected as the seat of the state’s land-grant college-which later evolved into Kansas State University. Therefore, Lawrence and Emporia became the only candidates for the State University. Buy Emporia State University fake diploma. How to buy Emporia State University fake diploma? Where to buy Emporia State University fake diploma? How much to buy Emporia State University fake diploma online? In fact, Amos Adams Lawrence donated US$10,000 (plus interest) and 40 acres (160,000 m 2). The City of Lawrence has a lot to do with the Kansas State Legislature. Lawrence was selected as the location of the University of Kansas by one vote. On March 7, 1863, the Kansas State Legislature passed the authorization bill establishing the Kansas State Normal School, which would one day become Emporia State University; it did not open until February 15, 1865. Graduated for the first time two and a half years later; it is composed of two women, Mary Jane Watson and Ellen Plumb. Ellen is the younger sister of US Senator Preston B. Plumb.

In 1876, the Kansas State Assembly passed the “Miscellaneous Appropriations Act of 1876.” As a result, Leavenworth Normal College and Concordia Normal College were closed, so the state’s funds for the Normal School can be used directly in Emporia. Then, in the early 20th century, KSN opened satellite campuses in Pittsburgh and Hayes. The Hayes campus opened on June 3, 1902 as the “Western Campus” of KSN. It became an autonomous college in 1914, formerly known as Fort Hays Kansas State Normal School, and later developed into Fort Hays State University. The Pittsburgh branch was established in 1904 as a manual training auxiliary school; it became Pittsburgh Kansas State Normal School in 1913 Four-year school. Today is Pittsburgh State University.

In February 1923, the school was renamed Kansas State Teachers College. In July 1974, it was renamed Emporia Kansas State College. On April 21, 1977, the college was renamed Emporia State University.