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The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) is a not-for-profit, non-teaching department of the University of Cambridge. It provides educational assessments for learners around the world under the brand name Cambridge Assessment. UCLES operates three major awarding bodies: Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR), Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International), and Cambridge Assessment English (Cambridge English), as well as Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) and the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM).

UCLES was set up as a University Syndicate (governing council) in February 1858, to run public examinations for students who were not members of the University. The exams would be held ‘locally’ at regional centres presided over by Local Secretaries. The first UCLES examinations were held in December 1858, following the decision by the University of Oxford, a year earlier, to set its local examinations in July. The Senate (the University’s governing body) appointed twelve ‘Syndics’ and a Secretary – who was a University academic and the sole employee – to run the examinations under the Chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor. They wrote the examination questions, administered the examinations as Presiding Examiners, and marked the scripts. As the organisation expanded, administrative staff and examiners were appointed, and Local Secretaries established in centres. Within the University, UCLES was called the Local Examinations Syndicate (LES). Between 1878 and 1925, it combined with the Local Lectures Syndicate (now the Institute of Continuing Education) to form the Local Examinations and Lectures Syndicate, headed by a Secretary, with an Assistant Secretary responsible for each. Initially, the Secretary was appointed annually, and business was conducted from the Secretary’s College rooms. George Forest Browne was the first long term Secretary from 1870 to 1892 and, in 1886, operations moved from his rooms in St Catharine’s College to purpose-built premises, known as the ‘Syndicate Buildings’ on Mill Lane, Cambridge. replica UCLES certificate, order UCLES fake certificate, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate online.

The examinations were aimed at providing a benchmark of standards in schools and were popular with middle class school leavers intending to enter professions. Until 1951 all the examinations were certificate qualifications, requiring candidates to pass in a range of subjects in order to gain a certificate. The Junior Exams were for candidates under seventeen and the Senior exams for candidates under nineteen. Passes in Arithmetic, English Grammar and Religious Knowledge were compulsory, but the latter could be dropped if parents objected. In 1865 girls were accepted, initially on a three-year trial. From 1869 to 1922, women over eighteen (and later men) could take the Higher Exams as a pre teaching qualification or matriculation to Girton and Newnham Colleges. The Preliminary Exams were available to candidates under fourteen from 1895 to 1939. In 1917 the Board of Education introduced a national system of qualifications and the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate replaced the ‘Cambridge Locals’ for candidates in the UK.