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The University of Iowa is the place for me and I hope it will be the place for you! Being a freshman at the University of Iowa during a pandemic was a different experience than before. However, the whole Iowa community made me feel safe with the precautions taken and every professor helped me adjust to online learning! The community at the University of Iowa made me feel welcomed since the day I moved in. I’m so happy to have used educational resources outside of class to help me succeed in my classes.

Order U of Iowa diploma, buy U of Iowa certificate, make diploma online, how to buy U of Iowa fake diploma, buy U of Iowa fake degree, buy U of Iowa transcript online, make U of Iowa transcript. how much to buy U of Iowa transcript? I highly suggest attending office hours with professors/teaching assistants or joining supplemental instruction! There are also many places to study! My personal favorite was supporting the businesses on campus and studying at the coffee shops while enjoying a latte! I truly have enjoyed my experience at the University of Iowa. There are endless opportunities to get involved in the community through clubs, organizations, and even joining the Fraternity & Sorority Life at the U of Iowa!

The last two semesters have been almost fully online for me with the exception of one class on campus. I have enjoyed taking my classes online through the University of Iowa. All of my professors have made online learning not only fun but more engaging than some of my in-person classes in the past. They have all been incredibly helpful when I’m struggling. For example, in my French class, if I was having a hard time understanding content, my professor would stay on Zoom after class and schedule times outside of class to help me make sure I was understanding all of the content.
I am also the Vice President of a student org on campus called CHAARG. The university has been very helpful in helping us plan online/small in-person events that line up with COVID-19 guidelines. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with the online school through Iowa!